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Marketplace Services

Scale your eCommerce business beyond your website using our marketplace services. Optimize every stage of your customer journey on a variety of marketplaces. From advertising, marketing to photography, strategic solutions, shipping & fulfilment services you can easily transition your eCommerce business to the next level.

Parcel delivery

INTACT COURIER INC. provides excellent door to door delivery services locally and all over AB, ON & BC. We specialize in next-day, same-day delivery services as well as time–urgent and overnight deliveries. Our prices are competitive and our service is top notch.

Warehousing & Fulfillment

Spend more time building your brand instead of fulfilling orders. With fulfillment services that suits your need and a Warehouse Management Software that lets you control your product wherever you are, you now have extra time to brew ideas to delight your customers.



Intact Courier will provide mail runs to your local post office, any time of day. We can make morning, mid-day and late afternoon mail runs to your local or main post office. This enables your company to work on your time schedule, not the postman’s. With this service we can sort out your mail, add the postage and have it delivered.


We service almost every industry including but not limited to: Legal Services, Retail, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Automotive, Electronics, Construction, Health Care, Pharmaceutical and much more…..Got a special request ? There is simply no logistics problem Intact Courier cannot solve!


Intact Courier utilizes our depot that are set up all over Canada to push your package to its destination in a fast and efficient manner. Our tracking technology will allow you to know who touches your package, where your package is located and where your package is headed next.


Customer service is our product!

“Customer satisfaction, affordability, and Reliability are the Key Differentiators.”

  1. Delivery Solutions: Our solutions are customized to meet the diverse needs of each and every one of our clients.
  2. More Service: We offer a wide range of courier services to meet your shipping requirements. Whether you require delivery services within town or anywhere in Alberta, we have got you covered and can assure you that we have the right service that fits your needs.
  3. Commitment to Excellence: At INTACT COURIER INC., customer service is our product!

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