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Why your business should use same day delivery services here in Calgary?

Same day delivery services are at an all-time high. Customers love on-demand services and for their businesses, it’s the most cost-efficient and effective way to deliver high-quality service to customers.

Most businesses are always looking to enhance logistic services to their customers so that they would have a more smooth and reliable service. The need for technology associated with delivery services are changing rapidly. These services was first developed to provide customers and business owners an easy way to use when interacting with their customers and sending items with ease.

There are many reasons that businesses need to use services like Intact Courier & Logistics.

Here are some of the benefits for using this type of delivery services:

• Easy Bookings:

We are living in a digital era and everything is easier if its online nowadays. Customers in the comfort of their own homes have simple ways of getting things done. Through same day delivery services, customers can book on-demand delivery services with easy steps. Customers can book pick up and drop off services at any time and from anywhere. Customers don’t have to personally visit the location or even contact anyone. The delivery will be as easy as creating a profile, inserting the details, and then tracking the parcel. With just a few easy steps the delivery is completed. They can also benefit from express delivery and advanced booking service.

• Better handling:

Companies with fleet of vehicles may have difficulties keeping track of each vehicle and scheduling for their business. This also indicates much needed upfront costs and risk for businesses. Therefore, shifting operations from traditional methods to an on-demand delivery service provider can make this new business model very light and efficient. Adding more options to operations will help the business to invest in other vital departments and leave the logistics to a platform like Intact Courier & Logistics.

• Accessing Different Payment Methods:

From cash, credit card payments to PayPal and other payment methods, businesses need to integrate various methods into their logistics which may result in many issues by using third party systems to handle payments. On-demand delivery provider can ensure customers will benefit from a cashless payment model. Utilizing Intact Courier & Logistics’ platform will ensure that payment gateways, bank supported methods and payment system will be advantageous for any business, as customers will be more inclined to complete payment transactions.

• Shipping and Delivery:

If you’re a business that provides delivery services, then you’re always in need of managing resources, parcel liability, and delivery time. By using a same day delivery service provider like Intact Courier & Logistics to ensure that the parcel is safe, deliveries are much more efficient and effortless. Intact Courier & Logistics also offers the ability for express delivery service that will increase bottom line of businesses. Customers can be confident and assured about their delivery, with real time tracking, flexible delivery options which allows them to achieve their goals.

• Notification and Real-time visibility:

Businesses need to provide proper updates and real-time data to their customers, keeping them satisfied and assured helping the business retain customer satisfaction. By using Intact Courier & Logisticstracking system, and having access to real-time data, customers will have the assurance that their items are safe and therefore, companies will find it easier to prevent any cancelations, increase revenue and ramp up other departments.


In this fast-paced and competitive environment, your business should benefit from the best services around and to provide the best results to its’ customers. Therefore, your business should rely on same day delivery services to provide the best benefits to its’ customers and grow the business.

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