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Intact Courier & Logistics: A Calgary-based software delivery and supply chain community, tailored for retailers and eCommerce stores to grow their online sales channel. Our goal is to connect your customers with the quality shopping experience they had come to expect from Amazon, but at the local level.‍

Since launch, we’ve partnered with local businesses all around Calgary and Canada, delivering thousands of packages and transforming the way they deliver forever.

“Customer satisfaction, affordability, and Reliability are the Key Differentiators.”

  1. Delivery Solutions: Our solutions are customized to meet the diverse needs of each and every one of our clients.
  2. More Service: We offer a wide range of courier services to meet your shipping requirements. Whether you require delivery services within town or anywhere in Alberta, we have got you covered and can assure you that we have the right service that fits your needs.
  3. Commitment to Excellence: At INTACT COURIER INC., customer service is our product!

Our # 1 goal is delivering your cargo to its destination in an efficient, safe, and considerate manner. We form strong business relationships with our clients.

Operating as an extension of your company is a responsibility we take very seriously. Intact Courier & Logistics Inc. constantly strives to maintain and improve the quality of our delivery service, ensuring your trust in knowing that you have made the best choice.


Our Specialty


You can always lean onto Intact Courier & Logistics. Our team of professionals will help you turn your dream home or flat into a reality fast.

Delivery projects done on time

Our team will do all your delivery projects on time ad well within the budget. You can be safe and certain about that with our company.

Always available

We’re there for you anytime you need us. Contact us for a consultation, estimate or any question you might have about your project or our work.

Service Options

Province wide same day runs

Intact Courier offers daily runs to various locations throughout Alberta, for an extremely economical rate. With multiple businesses dealing with various other businesses in our province or their parent companies in other locations in Alberta, the need for items to be shipped to other locations is required very often. We offer exceptional courier services with efficiency, insurance, care and confidentiality.

City-wide time sensitive delivery

Intact Courier has fleets capable of delivering a large amount of parcels within a very tight time constraints at a very reasonable price. We are able to coordinate difficult, off timing deliveries with special instructions such as food needing to be kept warm etc. with ease.

Door-to-Door Parcel Deliveries

We have the ability to deliver any package anywhere, at the doorstep of the recipient. All this can be easily tracked through our tracking portal.

Time constraint deliveries

Clock ticking and the delivery needs to arrive at a specific location as soon as possible? Let us handle your time urgent deliveries while you sit back and play with your dog peacefully!

Confidential Letter deliveries

Are you a law firm with important letter to get to your clients? Has your client “GOT SERVED“? or are you simply a person looking to send some very important confidential letter? Well rest assure, Intact Courier will get your letter delivered with proof of delivery in form of a picture and signature. Seriously….we do this a lot!

5 ton delivery

Have a large item to move from point A to B? You can count on us for the movement of all freight, small medium and large. With our vast inventory of fleet and equipment we can move it for you with ease. We also do the heavy lifting for you FREE of charge!

Air delivery shipment

When you want to have a package delivered, some of the things you look for in a courier service are reliability, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. We at Intact Courier, provide all this and more. With large network and over 10 partners, no logistics is impossible to us. We recognize that when you hand us your packages, you trust that we will deliver them on time and safely.

24/7 Delivery

Although our office is currently open from 7AM to 10 PM MST, our delivery, logistics and supply chain service runs 24/7, non stop behind the scene. We also specialize in overnight deliveries and have teams designated specially for overnight services.

Last Mile Delivery

We specialize in last mile delivery and are able to give your business the best rates both city and province wide guaranteed. We are able to cover a wide range of ground in BC, AB, and ON.

Dangerous Goods Transport

Are you a company wanting dangerous goods such as blood, urine, saliva and other samples as well as chemical compounds requiring special care or fragile laboratory equipment to be transported from point A to B safely. Our TDG trained courier associates as well as our vast fleet will ensure your goods are transported with care safely.

Warehouse Processing

Are you a high volume business or an online store that need cheap warehousing? Our depots located all over Canada in key cities allows us to stow, pick, pack and ship package hassle free.

eCommerce Solution

Are you an eCommerce store ? For a small fee, we will arrange weekly pick up of your packages from your supplier than handle all inventory control, warehousing and logistics. Integration of our system to your business or store (Shopify, WordPress, wix, square space etc.) can be done by our team of developers within a few days.

Proof of delivery

Do you need proof of delivery? Please let our sales agent know! We can provide signature and photos as proof of delivery.

Storage Solution

Do you need us to store your packages for some times, before shipping or delivering it to your client ? We have got you covered! Please inquire about our storage services as we only have storage available in certain Canadian cities.


We provide 3 main services for your domestic and Canada to USA trucking need. The 3 services are:
LTL: Less than a truck load
PTL: Partial truck load
FTL: Full truck load
Please take a look at our tucking calculator for estimates.

International Shipment

With our large network of partners, we are able to provide international door-to-door in most cities around the world from Canada faster than most major courier services. Inquire to get a quote for any international shipments you may have. No shipment is too small or large for us!

Economic Hot Shot Deliveries

Need us to get your medicine or do your groceries ? Maybe you would like us to get you some items from the nearest 7/11? No job is too small or big for Intact Courier. Simply talk with one of our sales agent on the chat, call or send us email and we will get your request completed as fast as required.

Flat delivery fee within Calgary

This service is for businesses that have recurring weekly deliveries. The services are broken down in the following way:
Next-day city wide deliveries: $10
Same-day city wide deliveries: $12
Next-day outer city deliveries(50km radius): $18
Same-day outer city deliveries(50km radius): $20

These are our standard prices. Please note that these prices will go down the higher the volume being processed a week.